Self Image Expert Coach

Bachelors degree in Business Concordia University and Certified Life Coach CPC-ELI, MP., IPEC Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.


Maria Svourenos, 41 years of age, a Canadian and a successful Business & Life Coach. Maria is fortunate to be involved in various charities. She is an entrepreneur and an influencial motivational speaker.

She is the founder of and has been an active Coach since 2012.
Maria earned her certification from IPEC, the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching and she has quickly immersed herself globally into the corporate world. She works with entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, creative people, managers, professionals, young adolescences and home-makers. She is known for her expertise in SELF IMAGE EXPERT COACHING, which, in essence is the core of who we are and how we function. “The perception of yourself is truly the perception you allow others to have of you“ says CoachMaria. Every thought and action stem from the way we see ourselves. The same applies in business.

Maria is deeply interested in cultural differences around the world. Being a Greek Canadian and raised with certain traditions, cultures and customs this enhances her ability to guide people to a better acceptance of themselves and break through those limited beliefs. “Be at choice of who you are”. With CoachMaria and, your commitment you will achieve your goal.

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    What does a coach do?

    Help define and achieve your goals , career , personal or most often both. Coaching is a synergistic relationship designed to tap into your full potential.

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    Why I do it?

    Because I believe that everyone needs to be heard. The most important gift you can give anyone is your time . It’s as close as you get to loving someone. Coaching is very gratifying , especially when my client get’s that breakthrough .

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    How do I do it?

    By working with a client closely to develop new skills to help quickly break through blocks so that more is accomplished with less struggle. I provide positive support and encouragement and you will see results .

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    How coaching will help my client?

    I help motivate the client to enhance self confidence , self esteem ,communication skills , which amounts to productivity and eventually success.

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    Why do people hire a coach??!!!

    People hire a coach because:
    -They want more
    -They want to grow
    -They want it easier.
    It’s as simple as that !!! Coaches help a client get all three Quickly!